This February, we both worked at L’Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) in Mirebalais, Haiti, run by the Boston-based nonprofit Partners in Health. We saw firsthand how great the need was for medical care and how important it was to build capacity in the Haitian health system.

At HUM, volunteers and Haitian physicians train residents and nurses, creating a sustainable healthcare system in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation. HUM is the best and busiest hospital in Haiti, and an example of the good work PIH does all over the world. PIH has also received Charity Navigator’s highest rating for ten consecutive years, an affirmation of its honesty and efficiency.

Our experience at HUM left such a positive impression that we decided to support PIH on the Mongol Rally. We are aiming to raise $10,000 dollars, about $1 for every mile we will drive. As of now, we are more than halfway to our goal!

Please consider donating on our fundraising page. Any donations go directly to supporting PIH’s Haitian operations and those in need of its services. We are also offering thank-you rewards and advertising space on our rally car!



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