After a long an interesting trek across the baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia we arrived in Russia the day before yesterday. We crossed the border between Slovakia and Lithuania late at night on an unlit country road that looked like the way to Jethro’s hidden still. We saw the very moving Hill of Crosses in north central Lithuania and were relieved of 60 Euros by two Latvian police officers. In Estonia we had lunch at a great creperie in Tartu, a very pretty college town.

We crossed the border into Russia at Narva, Estonia from around 10:30 to almost 1 in the morning. We’d made a ‘reservation’ online, but when we arrived all the gates were closed and they were only allowing a few cars an hour across. So we scooted through the gate with another car before it could close and insisted we had a reservation. After 20 minutes of Estonian/English conversation and much shaking of heads we were allowed to proceed. Five checkpoints and multiple forms later we were in Mother Russia.

We spent a day walking around Petersburg and had a great Georgian meal then pressed on to Moscow. We scored a four star hotel room with a view on the 55th floor in the business district of the city last night for a very low price and are off to the Red Square today. We’ve just passed the 5000 mile mark!


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