Past the Iron Curtain

We’re in Poland! Last night we slept on a tiny couch in the most Polish guesthouse imaginable. All the walls were covered in humorous poems about beer and many, many photos of John Paul II. We had tomatoes and part of a large bowl of a mayonnaisy something for breakfast, which I guess is the Polish way.

We drove to Lublin, which was very cute, and then to Siedlec, which is where we are now. That isn’t actually very far for one day, but there is almost no freeway system in Poland (not even between Krakow and Warsaw) and there are more trucks here than I have seen anywhere else in my life.

So today we are pressing on to Lithuania. We considered Kaliningrad but the hours spent at customs at the border are not worth it.

A recap of the last few days:

We were stuck in Lille for a day to get new front tires, one of which was damaged by some hooligans. Then went through Bruges and Brussels to Heidelberg. The next day we made it to Brno, and after that to Zywiec, Poland via Bratislava and Budadpest. It’s a bit of a roundabout way but there is much to see.

Poland is one of the friendliest places I’ve been. People here are generally very polite and very Catholic. The food is sustaining.

It’s a little late so we are getting on the road. Will post some pictures soon.



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