Launch to Lille

We woke up this morning at the Goodwood Motor Circuit near Chichester for the launch. We met a few other teams, decorated our car, and camped there. In a tent!

The Rally technically started today, but we bought the car a week and a half ago and had already driven about 1700 miles before today, all in England, Wales, and Scotland. We both liked Scotland. Scotland is really great. Here’s a picture of our pregame trip and where we are right now:

pt 1

Goodwood is one of the pins southwest of London. So we didn’t go extremely far today, just as far as Lille. We left Goodwood at around 11, stopped in Brighton and ate lunch, then pressed on to Folkestone and took the Chunnel to Calais. That was exciting and surprisingly short. Lille is only about an hour past that. I know some teams were planning on making it as far as Germany by tonight.

It’s almost midnight here so I’m going to sleep. My goal to update this every couple of days. In the meantime, here is our car and the launch from the racetrack!

launch day launch us and car


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